Report a Concern

The Human Research Protection Division responds and/or investigates all concerns related to the conduct of research involving human subjects.  Depending on the nature of your concern, there are different pathways that you can take. 

Pitt Concern Connection

The Pitt Concern Connection is a reporting system for students, staff members, faculty members, or community members to report any questions or concerns via telephone, text message, or online system so that issues can be investigated and resolved

Reportable New Information (RNI)

Reportable New Information (RNI) is submitted through PittPRO by a research study team to describe unaticipated problems, adverse events, non-compliance or protocol deviations related to an IRB approved research protocol. 

Human Subject Protection Advocate

Participants in a research study can contact the Human Subject Protection Advocate with any questions or concerns regarding participation in a research study.  Callers can be current research participants or concerned citizens. Call 1-866-212-2668 or email