Research Restart IRB Survey

As preparations and plans are made for the University and UPMC research enterprise operations to resume activities on campus, it is important to remember that researchers must adhere to policies and procedures outlined by the University. 

When deciding whether to restart a research protocol, investigators should consider the health risk to employees and patients as well as the impact on resources.  PIs can complete the survey below to determine if IRB activation can occur with or without petition the IRB.  

Studies that were previously given permission to continue or begin do not have to complete the survey but must follow the procedures set forth by the appropriate School, Department, or Administrator.  Please see the Research Restart page for specific instructions.

Researchers who are approved to begin should be prepared to comply with safety guidelines issued by Environmental Health and Safety as well as any departmental or facility requirements.   The University COVID-19 Standards and Guidelines are applicable as well. 

Utilize this guide to determine whether the IRB Research Restart Survey needs to be completed. A separate survey has to be completed for each study. Even if a survey is not required, you must fulfill all remaining institutional requirements before a study can resume.

Type of Research/Status of Study Completion of Survey Required?
1.Studies that do not require any in-person contact with subjects (e.g., chart reviews, on-line surveys) NO
2. Studies where the only activity is data analysis or long term follow up (checking for survival status or accessing information from medical records collected during clinical visits) NO
3. Studies where in-person activities are required  

a. Studies that received permission from the IRB to continue enrollment of new subjects (IRB documentation in study PittPRO or OSIRIS history)


b. Studies that were completely paused and would now like to restart study procedures


c. Studies that previously received permission from the IRB to only continue in-person study visits but not enrollment of new subjects


d. Studies that are no longer enrolling new subjects but require in-person study visits


e. Studies that are conducted outside of a Pitt/UPMC facility (e.g., subject’s homes, community sites)





Please check this page frequently as it will be updated as the University moves toward broadening the research activities that can continue.  

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