Archiving of Exempt Studies

Exempt Studies

The approval date for exempt studies indicates that the IRB has determined that the project meets all the necessary criteria for an exemption and does not have an expiration date. This approval differs from other IRB reviews where an expiration date is displayed and the study must be submitted for IRB review at least yearly.

All exempt studies will be archived 3 years from the date of approval unless the principal investigator extends the approval for an additional 3 years.  An email notification will be sent to the prinicipal investigators 6 weeks prior to the archive date and if no action is taken, the exempt study will be archived.

All exempt studies are approved without an expiration date and do not expire but the archive process was initiated to manage the IRB database of active studies. When an exempt study is completed or if the prinicipal investigator is leaving the institution, it is important for investigator to submit to the IRB a termination notification, as well as a summary of the outcomes of their study.