OSIRIS to PittPRO Transition

OSIRIS studies due for continuing review on or after March 15, 2019 will transition to PittPRO rather than renewing in OSIRIS. All studies (unless in data analysis or long term follow up) will be required to transition. It is important that studies be submitted into PittPRO at least five weeks prior to the expiration date due to the increased time required for the review.

Because the PittPRO application differs so greatly from OSIRIS, the continuing review will need to be entered similarly to a new protocol. Please follow these steps:

  1. Login into PittPRO at www.pittpro.pitt.edu
  2. Re-create your study in PittPRO (copy/paste content from OSIRIS as needed)
  3. On the Study Scope page, Item 10: Is this application being submitted to convert an approved study from OSIRIS to PittPRO? Select Yes
  4. Download the PittPRO Conversion form displayed in the beige textbox and upload into the OSIRIS Renewal Form section as requested
  5. Be sure and enter your OSIRIS study number (starting with either PRO or IRB) into OSIRIS ID section

NOTE: Changes cannot be made during the transition to PittPRO.  Once approval is granted, modifications may be submitted to make changes.

The PittPRO Help Center contains a tool to help map the main sections of OSIRIS with corresponding pages in PittPRO.  The tool is stored under the Guides tab in the Help Center and can be accessed here.  

Email askirb@pitt.edu with questions.  For technical or account issues, email rcco@pitt.edu for assistance.