OSIRIS is a web-based system for submitting a research application for review, so access is available anytime from any location that has Internet access. Once you enter your research study into OSIRIS, all designated reviewers will be granted access to review, request changes, and to approve your application online.

OSIRIS enables you to check on the state of your application review process and to identify who is currently reviewing or has completed reviewing your study. Note that the IRB review will not occur until all required pre-IRB reviews have been completed.

Changes to the OSIRIS Application

OSIRIS Updates  (Revised: 11/17/2014)

Required Training to Obtain a Username and Password

All investigators and key personnel involved in Human Subject Research (including Faculty Mentors) are required to complete specific research ethic courses using the CITI training program. Only those individuals who have completed the required training are permitted to access OSIRIS. The courses are designed for three user groups: biomedical researcher (includes all health science students), social and behavioral researcher, and undergraduate student researcher. At a minimum, all users must complete courses in Human Subjects Protections and Responsible Conduct of Research. Go to www.citi.pitt.edu for more information and to access the courses. If you have any questions, email us at irb@pitt.edu.

Instructional Documents (PDF Format)

Investigator Instructions (Revised: 11/26/2012)

Special Instructions for Exempt Studies Only

Scientific Reviewer Instructions (Revised: 11/29/2012)

Ancillary Reviewer Instructions

Committee Member Instructions


Additional Information

OSIRIS Protocol Table of Contents

If you wish to schedule an OSIRIS training session, please email us at irb@pitt.edu.

Training Video

This six minute training video will provide you with a broad overview of the basic navigation skills to submit a new application. You will first be provided with instructions to initiate a study using the PI role and then re-directed to create a new study using the study coordinator role.

Training video for Primary Investigators