PittPRO and OSIRIS applications

IRB Applications

HRPO recently released a new application for submission of projects (PittPRO) which will eventually replace OSIRIS. Beginning October 15, 2018, all new exempt and expedited projects must be submitted into PittPRO. Effective January 2019, all new projects will be required to be submitted in PittPRO.

All currently approved studies in OSIRIS will continue to be managed on that site (e.g., continuing review, modifications, reportable events) until study teams are notified to transition into PittPRO. We anticipate that the process for transition will occur in July 2019 when projects are due for continuing review. If you don't already subscribe to our mailing list, please join now so you receive up-to-date information about available training, as well as the transition plan.

OSIRIS and PittPRO are web-based systems for submitting research applications for review, so access is available anytime from any location that has Internet access. Once you enter your research study into either system, all designated reviewers will be granted access to review, request changes, and to approve your application online. The systems enable you to check on the state of your application, review process, and to identify who is currently reviewing or has completed reviewing your study.

Required Training

All investigators, study team members, and reviewers (including faculty mentors) are required to complete specific research ethic courses using the CITI training program. Only those individuals who have completed the required training using the Pitt CITI access portal are permitted to access the IRB applications. Detailed information on training requirements is available at www.rcco.pitt.edu under Training Courses. If you have any questions, email us at rcco@pitt.edu.

PittPRO Application

Detailed information on navigating PittPRO is available within the application.  Click on the IRB tab to access the Help Center and Library.

  • To request a training session or have any general questions, email rcco@pitt.edu
  • If you have questions specific to your application and/or need an IRB consultation, email askirb@pitt.edu.

Help Center

Step-by-step graphical reference guides are available for study team members, reviewers, and IRB staff. Listed below are the most frequently used documents.

IRB Researcher's Quick Reference
Mentor & Scientific Review Quick Reference
IRB Reviewer's Quick Reference


Displays forms and documents required for the review and approval of projects.  Many of the documents are used by the IRB reviewers but will also assist the study team members when completing the IRB application.


  • Investigator Manual
  • Fee sheet for industry-sponsored projects
  • Exempt Forms


  • Human Research Determination
  • Engagement Determination
  • Exemption Determination
  • Expedited Determination
  • Criteria for Approval


  • Special populations
  • Waivers
  • Non-significant risk device


  • Protocol templates
  • OSIRIS conversion (continuing review form)

OSIRIS Application

Instructional Documents (PDF Format)

Investigator Instructions

Scientific Reviewer Instructions

Ancillary Reviewer Instructions

Committee Member Instructions

Additional Information

OSIRIS Protocol Table of Contents