Investigator and Research Personnel

Additional Resources

There are also several other modules that can be used as resources for the research community. The modules can be accessed through the CITI program (

The IRB website at provides guidance documents to assist in navigating the IRB process and adhering to federal regulations as well as IRB policies and procedures related to human research protections.  In additional links are provided for local, state, and federal entities.

Electronic Communication

Each member of the research community has the opportunity to become a member of the IRB’s distribution e-mail list. All announcements related to upcoming HRPO programs, updates in federal regulations, and revisions to the Policy and Procedure Manual are communicated to the research community through this medium.

The IRB has a designated email address,, to be used to answer general questions in a timely fashion.

Outreach Programs

The HRPO engages in outreach programs that include, but are not limited to:

  • HRPO Workshops
  • IRB 101
  • OSIRIS TrainingOpen Office Hours

Investigators conducting research funded by the Department of Defense (DOD) may be subject to additional DOD continuing education requirements.  Please contact your Program Official to determine these requirements.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for maintaining the records of completion for all members of the research team.  These documents must be available for audit by the Education and Compliance Office for Human Subject Research (ECO-HSR).  Failure to complete the requirements will result in the inability to access the online submission application (OSIRIS).  At the discretion of the IRB Chair or other member of the HRPO Leadership Team, exceptions to this rule will be made permitting access to OSIRIS for the submission of adverse events, other unanticipated problems, or protocol modifications to ensure the safety and well-being of the research subjects.

version 12.10.2015; revised 11.11.2016