New Archiving Process for Exempt Studies Only

Exempt studies do not currently have an expiration date. In order to properly manage these studies in OSIRIS, we have implemented a new process where Exempt studies will be archived after 3 years. Investigators will receive an email notification 6 weeks before the archiving process will take place and be given the opportunity to extend the study another 3 years if still conducting the research. The notification will provide instructions on extending the expiration date.  It is important that you close your studies once completed using the "Study Completed" link found under My Activities on the study workspace.

If your Exempt study is archived, you can continue conducting research activities as the IRB has made the determination that your project met one of required exempt categories.  The only caveat is that no changes can be made to the application.  If a change is needed, you will need to submit a NEW Exempt application. 

If you have any questions or concerns, email us at