Historic Review and Maintenance of IRB Database

Historical Review

For renewals and modifications submitted in paper format, the IRB file for research will be reviewed by an IRB member designated by the IRB Chair to ensure that the most current version of the research protocol with all modifications included and informed consent documents were submitted and that no outstanding issues or deficiencies exist.

For renewals and modifications submitted through the OSIRIS system, only the most current version is available and therefore a historical review will only be conducted on the consent documents uploaded into the system as a Word document.

Maintenance of IRB Database

For paper submissions, the HRPO staff maintains a database that includes, at a minimum the following fields: the IRB number assigned to the submission, principal investigator’s name, co-investigators names, title of the research, contact information, and IRB approval dates.

The OSIRIS system serves as a database and includes all information related to the individual projects submitted through the system.