Electronic Data and CITI Refresher Courses

New Guidance for Electronic Data
The IRB has been actively collaborating with the University of Pittsburgh Information Security Officer to develop guidance tools to enable the research community to better protect research data.  Much of the data recorded today is managed electronically at some stage during collection, transmission, or storage.  Some members of the research community have been asked to provide additional information in their IRB applications and a formal data security review has been requested.  These preliminary reviews are being used to develop SOPs to define when a formal data security is required and at a minimum, what security controls are needed. We will keep you posted when new guidance becomes available or when questions are revised in the IRB application. We thank you for your patience and if you have any questions about the documents or review process, email us at irb@pitt.edu.

There are two documents currently available in the A-Z Guidance section:
Data Security - Electronic Data
Mobile App - IRB Review

Reminder about CITI course expiration dates
CITI training courses expire every 3 years and CITI will send e-mail reminders 90 days before your courses expire.  The refresher courses are automatically added to your curriculum, and will be visible, when you log into your account.  It is important to remember that current CITI certification must be maintained when conducting research with human subjects.  It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure that all members of the research team have up-to-date CITI training.

 *Please note that the reminder e-mails are sent directly by the CITI program and not from a Pitt e-mail address*